The changes of the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center in 10 years

The Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center is one of the landmarks of the campus. According to the Ball State website, this center was built in 2010. Gora was the fourteenth president of Ball State University from 2004 to 2014. There have been some changes in the gyms over the ten years because people's needs are changing with the times. Also, some studies show that 43.6 percent of college students achieve moderate or vigorous exercise recommendations, or a combination of both. More boys (50.4%) than girls (39.9%) met the recommendations.

The first change is the equipment. Over the course of this decade, the gyms have added new equipment to keep up with what students want. “I think we’ve seen over the last ten years, it has a shift from functional bases to more power lifting work out,” according to Benjamin Peak, the director of recreation services. Peak said it's important to keep up with the times and know people's needs so they have a better experience at the gym.

Furthermore, not only does the gym have a full range of fitness equipment, but also some fitness classes for people to choose from. “There are different ways of fitness classes for people to choose, Peak said. “For example, you can only buy one fitness class or buy a semester of classes. The price of these classes is very acceptable for the public.”

Also, the teachers of these fitness courses are Ball State students. They spend their spare time teaching these classes. They have to balance their study and spare time. Immanuel Anthony Simon, who teaches hip-hop class says that the age group taking the course is also changing. In the beginning, there were more young people, but recently, there are both young and older people who would take these classes.

The basketball court of the transformed gymnasium is very large, there will be some activities held on the basketball court, such as some concerts and so on. All in all, the daily flow of people to the gym has been increasing except that Friday nights are relatively rare. Even after 10 p.m., we can still see many people burning calories at the gym.


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