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Image from ABC

After five years, Selena Gomez has returned to the music world with her latest album, Rare. This new album was inspired by several events that helped shape who she is; for instance, her rocky relationship with Justin Bieber and her battle with Lupus. Despite these struggles, she is now finishing out the low chapter in her life. To start 2020 on a high note, Gomez has released her latest album. And what a high note it is.

Since there’s a bit of a gap since her last album, Revival, it’s important to understand what overall message she is expressing this time around. “I found this healing, and I saw something bigger than what I thought that I was,” Gomez told Spotify in a recent interview. The message is original and hits differently compared to past works. Each song feels unique and has its own exclusive vibe, which is rare today, given the pop culture era we are all living in. Therefore, the originality that Gomez provides makes her a standout in the music industry. Pop culture gets a bad rap a lot these days; however, it can be used in a way that is “healing” like Gomez stated. Musicians can express both public and personal issues within their art, and Gomez did the latter. Pop culture is incorporated into several marketing techniques that draw in money, but for Gomez, that’s not what it was about. She just wanted to share this now two-year journey with her fans.

She’s “rare”

The namesake song of the album, “Rare,” captures the essence of Gomez’s life right now. She is taking back her individuality and talent unique to her. This song expresses the truth of how her life is. Sure, she’s a celebrity, but she doesn’t have it all; she struggles with personal issues like we all do. But she recognizes that this is okay, and that sets up this whole album. Her individual struggles and traits make up who she is, which makes her “rare.”

“I’m good right now”

It’s a new year and a new decade, and Gomez realizes that some people just need to be cut off. Some of her singles, such as “Cut You Off,” “Let Me Get Me,” and “Look at Her Now” capture that sense of self-confidence and self-love. An artist who openly expresses about these genuine issues is someone we want playing on the radio for years to come. This is a new era of music for Gomez, and she wants her fans to know “I’m good right now.”

Her overall message expressed through these couple of songs is inspirational and refreshing to hear. After listening to the album a couple of times, it’s clear to see that Gomez has the power in her life right now, which is something we all want in our own lives. Her fans can only cheer her on at this point. Gomez is back and we are loving every bit.

From losing to winning

The idea of using our life traumas to help shape our successes is an important life lesson. Who can forget Gomez’s comeback with “Lose You to Love Me”? The internet went crazy. There was even a little controversy between her and Hailey Bieber. Gomez’s idea of self-care and love is original and stands out from the usual redundancy we see in pop music today. This is something that makes her album soar above her past work.

Self-love like Selena

Beginning with “Rare” and moving down the album to “A Sweeter Place,” there is a definite transition. Pain, peace, pain again… and then peace. For loyal fans who have been patiently waiting, it’s a beautiful journey to experience. Although there are hints of recycled pop themes, the music ultimately lands on both feet. Gomez has expressed in recent interviews that the content of this album took her a while, and it shows in the best way.

January 2020 may have one of the best albums of the year here. It’s the story behind the words more than anything else that makes this album great. Gomez is expressing, “I am here. I am back and I am not going anywhere.” Fans can only hope her journey is upward from here.

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Lose You to Love Me


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