The Beauty in Height

Ball Bearings magazine is planning a video series in which they do a deep dive into beauty standards within America. The first video of the series looks into the beauty around a person’s height.

Height affects everyone in different ways. The video hears from men and women above and below the average American height. According to Medical News Today, 5’10 is the average height for males and 5’4 is the average for females. The participants discuss advantages, disadvantages, and advice for people about being comfortable about their height. 

So why is height so important in our daily lives? A lot of it has to do with day to day activities that make people’s lives easier, but a lot of it also stems from societal views.

Psychology tells us that even from a young age, people of taller heights are viewed as more powerful and are seen as the leaders. The National Geographic reports that the act of having to look up to someone while they look down at you creates a power dynamic.

There are other societal factors that are specific to gender. Men are preferred to be tall, while women are preferred to be short. People who defy those societal norms can often be subject to bullying and self-esteem issues.

Ball Bearings magazine wanted to show people that no matter what height someone is, they are beautiful! The height of someone reaches is the height they’re going to be for the rest of their lives. Ball State students encourage others to be comfortable with their height and to love themselves for it.


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