Women Fighting for Women’s Rights

 The YWCA hosted the “Women in Higher Education Fighting for Women’s Rights” event to spread information about their organization and to promote women and their goals for success.

The event included wine, truffles, cheesecake, and a silent auction in order to fundraise for the organization. The goal was to raise $5,000 for the YWCA to help women get access to resources they need to achieve an education.

Jennifer Mearns, Ball State’s first lady, and Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann joined forces to host the event at Ivy Tech in downtown Muncie.

“They’re [YWCA] also working on social justice and eliminating racism. They do amazing work,” Mearns said.

“It’s about supporting everyone to reaching their potential,” Ellspermann shared.

An acronym used in the organization to showcase what they’re fighting for is H.E.E.L.S. This stands for Helping, Encourage, Empower, Lift and Support. The YMCA will continue to strive for getting women back on their feet and giving them the tools and support to achieve their degrees.