Winter weather is on the way

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - With an Arctic blast of cold air on the way for the beginning of next week, this week is the perfect time to prepare for the season ahead. 

Next week kicks off Winter Weather Preparedness week in the state of Indiana. The Climate Prediction Center's 2019 Winter Outlook shows that in the next few months we may see normal winter-time temperatures, but our chances for precipitation will be above average. 

Meteorologist Dave Call says we could see a couple batches of snow and rain for this winter so it's best to start preparing now. 

Call says the best thing to winter-ize is parked in your driveway, your car. 

A winter weather emergency kit can keep you and your family safe in case you're stranded on the side of the road this season, and it doesn't take much to make! Everything you need is already around your house, it's just a matter of bundling it all together. 

While you may already have an ice scraper and some salt handy in your truck, make sure to also have: a blanket and some hand-warmers, some drinks and snacks for nourishment, jumper cables in case your car needs a boost, a first aid kit, and some kitty litter (this can help your tires get traction if you're stuck in the snow).

Stay ahead of the weather this winter and keep up to date with NewsLink Indiana's weather team on Twitter @NLIWeather.   

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(Photos and data Courtesy: Climate Prediction Center)


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