Apples and Cider and Doughnuts, Oh My!

Time is running out for Ball State students and Indiana residents to partake in local farm activities. Jacobs’ Family Orchard will be closing for the season on Sunday, November 3rd. They will open back up in August of 2020.

Jacobs’ Family Orchard is a family owned farm and apple orchard that is open just for the fall season. Families, schools, and Ball State students venture out to the orchard every year for hay rides, hot apple cider, donuts, and many more crowd favorites.

Stephanie Jacobs, a member of the Jacob family and the manager of the orchard, stays busy during the week, and especially the weekend, with field trips, parties, and large amounts of people coming through the shop.

The farm did face some hardships this spring with seemingly constant rain. Many of Jacobs’ Family Orchard’s popular products were affected

“Some of our vegetables...we had to plant them, basically, in the mud,” Jacobs said.

Although the crop yields weren’t as big, people still enjoyed the amenities provided at the farm.

The farm is getting ready to close their doors and start preparing for the Fall 2020 season.