Hot temperatures continue

Tonight: This evening there is a potential for scattered showers as storms continue to make their way through Northern Indiana. These storms will not do much to alleviate the evenings heat, as it is expected to continue to be slightly muggy and warm throughout the night. 

This Weekend: By noon on Saturday the storms are expected to pass, leaving heavy cloud coverage in their wake. While the storms may have dissipated, the heat will not. Even with the lack of sun this weekend it's expected to be quite hot with temperatures in the low 80s. 

7-Day Forecast: Fall temperatures don't appear to arrive anytime this week, as the majority of the week is looking to be quite hot and muggy. Temperatures may get up to the low 90s mid week. There is a high chance for rain at the end of this week, and with that cooling temperatures. However, this doesn't quite mean that fall has arrived, as these temperatures aren't expected to last. 


-------Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle 

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