For the past few years, it has become more and more obvious that  Lizzo has what it takes to become a star. Not only has she proven with  songs like “Boys,” “Good As Hell,” and “Truth Hurts” that she has a  knack for writing tracks just begging to blow up, but she brings the  kind of larger-than-life personality. Both in and out of her music she  has made it clear what makes an artist like Cardi B an absolute  phenomenon.

With the release of the track “Juice”, it seemed like are the pieces  were about to come together. On this disco rap throwback, Lizzo comes in  with enough energy to light up an entire city. On top of that, she  brings a masterfully crafted instrumental that brings a sharp, modern  twist to an often overlooked era of hip hop.

“Juice” hinted at a promising 2019 for Lizzo, but it was everything  that followed that made that promise a reality. Not only was her first  record on a major label announced, but the 2nd and 3rd singles for said  record showed a much more versatile, fully developed performer, as well  as a better array of beats. All signs were pointing toward Cuz I Love You being one of the best pop album of the year. For the most part, the signs were right.

The Queen of Self-Love

One thing that separates Lizzo from many of her contemporaries is her  mastery of the self-love banger. Many of her largest hits emit a sense  of unabashed positivity that is lethally contagious. “Juice” showcased  this better than any of her previous songs, though many of the deeper  cuts on try to give it a run for its money. “Soulmate” even takes the  concept of self-love quite literally as a love song written to herself.  More times than not, Lizzo is able to deliver this message in a natural,  clever way. The themes of girl power on “Like A Girl” are implemented  flawlessly with sharp line after sharp line, and the passion she exudes  on “Better In Color” makes the message of free love truly pop all on its  own.

Energy at 11

Passionate really is the best descriptor for Cuz I Love You.  There truly isn’t a better way for this record to be kicked off than  with Lizzo belting out “I’m crying ‘cuz I love you”, which is followed  by the drums and horns of the track busting in with the weight of a  freight train. It’s this substantial amount of energy that is carried  throughout the majority of the album. The bangers of these records,  “Like A Girl” and “Heaven Help Me” come with loud, less-than-subtle  hooks and blaring production. Meanwhile, the ballads “Jerome” and “Cuz I  Love You” see Lizzo indulging in some captivating vocal feats; the kind  that the R&B and soul divas Lizzo is inspired by are known for.

These types of tracks making up most of the record was not exactly a  bad thing. It surely made for an exhilarating listening experience.  However, even if the album clocks in at only 33 minutes long, listening  to a record that is constantly at an 11/10 when it comes to energy can  become exhausting. That’s what makes the existence of the closer,  “Lingerie” a blessing. It’s an extremely welcome change of pace that has  Lizzo showing off a more sultry, subtle side of her voice on a track  that doesn’t need to blast through the speakers to get across the  sexiness of the track. Plus, the track’s gradual build-up makes Lizzo’s  vocal intensity hit so much harder. It’s a shame that “Lingerie” is the  only song that takes this direction.

When all of that energy isn’t stacked upon each other, it’s hard to  find a major disappointment in the tracklist. “Like A Girl” is the best  feminist anthem we’ve gotten in years, “Crybaby” brings the dirty slow  jam à la Prince into the modern era, and her collabs with Missy Elliott  and Gucci Mane are some of the most infectious songs any of the  aforementioned artists have been a part of in years. So for people who  just pick out the highlights and plop them into playlists, it’s hard to  go wrong with Cuz I Love You.

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