Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The last we left off with Giorno and the crew, they had just defeated  the stand users of Talking Head and Crush. With no more apparent  assassins trailing them, Bucciarati plans on them getting into a plane  to get Sardinia as fast as possible, a plan that has Jojo viewers restless. In the Jojo  universe, referencing back to Stardust Crusaders, riding a plane when  you are being targeted by stand users generally never turns out well. It  is a decent thought that this was the best way to keep a safe distance  from potential new pursuers while also confusing the enemy about their  exact location. Bucciarati is even smarter about this when he chose to  board an empty plane and let Abbacchio’s stand, Moody Jazz, fly the  plane by recalling the pilot’s movements. It’s a pretty cool use of  Moody Jazz’s power, one I would have never thought of. Things start to  look a little hectic when an enemy appears before the plane begins to  take off.

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Mista kills the man in an instant with his six pistols but not before  Giorno, Narancia, and Mista get a look at the man’s stand for only a  moment. The stand user had no lines but the sound effects he himself had  were chilling, and the noise he made while he was smiling was  terrifying. A man so ready to die, and we realize why when weird things  start to appear in the plane. Fingers, to be exact, and they start to  show up in the fridge. As the gang starts to figure it out, the  background music is reminiscent of the sound the stands user’s voice  made when he first appeared, a creepy chilling sound before he was shot.  That fact alone is terrifying, which makes me appreciate the soundtrack  of this episode even more. The freakiness of this occurrence is not  lost in the scene, a stand that appears when one is dead.

It does beg the question: how did that assassin know his stand could  do that before he actually died? His stand’s name is Notorious B.I.G  (called Notorious Chase in the sub), a fitting name for a stand that  could make the living fear for their lives. It absorbs or infects  someone by touch, eating them alive, and grows the moment it touches a  stand or human. The stand follows noise, as Trish figures out later on;  it will follow the movement of something without fail like a remote  stand would do. It’s faster than a plane, and when Giorno makes a  desperate move, everything gets rather dark. Notorious B.I.G devours  part of Mista and Narancia’s stands which directly hurts them. Giorno  cuts off both of his arms in attempt to stop the stand, the sacrifice  that could have cost him any sort of recovery.

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That is not the end of Notorious B.I.G, as we have Trish being the  main character witnessing its return to the plane. Trish, realizing that  the stand must have flown toward the jet, reacts to its movement. This  is a turning point for Trish to become a main part of Part 5, something I  have personally been hoping for since she was introduced to the show.  We know she has some sort of stand, but she hasn’t yet brought it forth  into the corporeal world. Hands down we are going to see some Trish  development soon, and I am excited for it.

 Trish is being viewed as more concrete of a character, rather than  being just the boss’s daughter. We are getting some more details to her  character with the way she is reacting to Notorious B.I.G, how she is  reacting to Giorno’s stand remaking his arms, and being the new target  of Notorious B.I.G. Will she finally find the strength she needs to  fight for the people who have protected her? The development is much  needed, and the music going in the back shows promising hope that she  will not be cast aside for Bucciarati to save the day. This will be a  journey for Trish, and now, with a time limit put in place with  Notorious B.I.G closing in on Golden Experience, things are certainly  getting more dire. Trish is needed more than ever.

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