Finishing a year of running senate meetings, Amplify steps aside in its final Student Government Association (SGA) meeting to have Elevate, the nominated slate for the 2019-20 school year, run the meeting March 10 at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center. 

For Elevate, this is the first time talking to the senate as executives, with all members except for the president having an active role in the senate meetings. 

Cameron DeBlasio’s job is to run the senate meeting. The nominated vice president reads legislation to the senate, calls for votes, announces results and helps to direct senators when they had a question or comment.

“It was a really weird feeling. I thought it shouldn’t be a big deal,” DeBlasio said. “Then I’m looking out at everybody I’ve been sitting next to all year and it’s like ‘This is definitely more intimidating than I thought it would be’”

The nominated president, Aiden Medellin, sits in the gallery, as SGA regulations do not allow him to have an active part in senate apart from giving presentations. 

“Naturally, the people that we [Medellin and Isaac Mitchell, current SGA president] are, we want to be argumentative and we want to be the people on the floor but that’s the sacrifice you make when you take up these leadership positions,” Medellin said. 

Cassidy Mattingly, nominated secretary, is in charge of taking minutes and notes during the meetings as well as ensuring all senators sign in at the start of the meetings.

“So I’ve always watched this position [secretary] from the gallery, but it was really awesome to be up here and see the faces that I’ll be working with for the first time,” Mattingly said. 

David Sinclair, nominated treasurer, said his main duty is to give the senate budget updates.

For Sinclair, this is his first time in an SGA meeting. He said the meetings felt “organized” and that it seemed the senate “have a plan”.

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