Though cold rainy weather may have driven the Easter Bunny indoors for the day, it didn’t stop visitors of Minnetrista’s Glass Easter Egg Hunt from enjoying the holiday festivities.

At 10 a.m. on April 20 at Minnetrista Gathering Place, children were encouraged to find Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny, who took pictures with attendees of the event and led egg hunts, followed by a line of kids who hoped to find candy or toys in the eggs.

Egg hunters Kynlee Blankenship, age seven, and Emerie Thornbury, age six, seemed to be playing keep-away from the Easter Bunny as they looked for eggs.

“Hurry! We can’t let the Easter Bunny find us! We need more eggs!” Emerie said to Kynlee.

Additionally, visitors were encouraged to look for plastic eggs scattered around Minnetrista instead of the glass eggs that were available for purchase when found.

The egg hunt, a collaboration between Minnetrista and the Ball State Glass Alliance, was held indoors instead of in the Rose Garden due to weather issues, where it has been held for the last three years. 

Glass Alliance President and glass & ceramics major Megan Lange said the process of making the glass art on display at the event takes plenty of time and patience.

“For this many eggs, we have been working on it all semester,” Lange said. “We do a three hour slot once a week.”

The Glass Alliance sold eggs, roses and a variety of vases and bowls, all made of glass, to parents.

Ashley Mann, the discovery and engagement manager for Minnetrista, said the partnership between Ball State’s Glick Center for Glass and Minnetrista has been a great opportunity for collaborations on different events for the last five years.

“We have had a partnership with the Glick Center and therefore with the glass guild for a number of years now,” Mann said. “We work with Ball State and we do different workshops and things throughout the year over there that they have the equipment for and expertise for that we don't.”

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