Warm up on the way

Tonight: Tonight showers are possible with temperatures in the low 30's. Chance of rain is 20% with winds ranging from 15-20 out of the West. 

Saturday:  Rain will move out from Friday and we will have mostly sunny skies will winds coming out of the NW at 10-15. Temperatures will barely get out of the 30's with a high temperature of 40.  

Sunday: Unfortunately we won't be striking gold with the weather as we will have a chance for a rain/snow mix. Temperatures will in the low 40's with a high of 42. So if you have any outdoor plans make sure you do grab the rain gear as you head out the door.

7-Day Forecast: The weekend will a little cold spell with temperatures in the 40's but we will warm up has the first day a spring starts on Wednesday. We will have some mix on Sunday and a slight chance of rain on Wednesday but temps will warm up on the latter part of the week. 


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