Top 5 reasons to ride with MITS


Muncie Indiana Transportation System (MITS) makes traveling without a car easy. With 14 routes covering Muncie, Ball State students can make trips to the Muncie Mall, the Ball Memorial Hospital, Ball State University and Ivy Tech Community College and Minnetrista.

Do you need more convincing as to why MITS is a fantastic option?

1. Eco-friendly

Per year, MITS riders saved 4,400 miles of driving, which translates into roughly 223 gallons of gas! Plus, there’s an easy opportunity to reach your step goal. Walking to and from the nearest bus stop a couple times each day can increase your physical activity time by at least 19 minutes per day. In addition to these personal gains, you can help reduce emissions by taking MITS. Reductions include: soot (95%), hydrocarbons (90%), and nitrogen oxide (50%).

2. User-friendly

On the home page of, you will find the online trip planner, where you can fill in your trip information, such as where you’re headed and logistical details about the trip. This helpful tool assists in planning every kind of trip. If you have a long road trip coming up, it will show you other bus stations where you can find connecting routes. MITS also offers their own app, MITS Time, which provides the most accurate ETA for every bus stop of every route. You can download it in the app store for both Android and Apple products.

3. Veterans and Students ride for FREE!

Absolutely, entirely, 100% free — does it get much better than that? In addition, senior citizens (65+) and disabled individuals can apply for half-price fare.

4. Support local philanthropy events

MITS assists at philanthropy events! MITS provided transportation to and from the 15th Annual Walk a Mile in My Shoes, a fundraising event to benefit the Muncie Mission. MITS also provides thousands of dollars of free transportation for Muncie Community Schools, Burris and Ball State University field trips. If you are interested in seeing if MITS can help you, fill out the Request Service form here.

5. MITS goes where you need to go

MITS buses run along McKinley and will take you from Robert Bell to North Quad, or from your dorm to Walmart. When you need a ride, ride with MITS!

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