Within the last week, it has finally begun to look and feel like winter on campus. Students now have to bundle up in coats, beanies and gloves to travel the long walks to class in the slushy snow, while cold air whips around them.

Here are three ways students can avoid the cold by taking alternative routes that allow them to stay inside as long as possible. 

Route 1: L.A. Pittenger Student Center to Robert Bell

Many clubs, campus events and meetings are held in the Student Center, as well as a food court with Taco Bell and Starbucks, so it isn’t uncommon for students to have to walk to the building. 

To avoid being outside for the long trip back to class or dorm rooms students have the option to take the bus at the Student Center bus stop, but they are not always readily available when needed.

If they have to walk back from the Student Center, students can go across University Avenue and cut through the Administration building. From there, they have a short walk to the North Quadrangle Building. 

After waiting at the Scramble light, students can cross Riverside Avenue, walk past Teachers College and into the Arts and Journalism Building, which connects to Ball Communications, the David Letterman building and Robert Bell on the second floor. 

Route 2: Kinghorn/Studebaker West through the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Lots of Ball State students live in or near Kinghorn and Studebaker West, so walking through the Rec Center can help students avoid the cold.

Instead of going around it to get to places like Robert Bell or Lafollette, students can give themselves a break from the cold and remain inside without wasting precious time. 

Route 3: Emens Auditorium to Sursa Hall

Students go to Sursa Hall to watch, listen and perform musical performances. To get to Sursa Hall, students can start by going through Emens Auditorium’s loading dock entrance and cutting through Hargreaves Music Building. They will come out through the Arts and Communication building, putting them right in front of Sursa Hall.