Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

With Episode 5 of Vento Aureo being the first where Giorno is  directly involved in Passione as well as the introduction to the rest of  the part’s core cast, it was important for the episode to leave a good  first impression and sell us on what the show will be like moving  forward. Luckily, this episode does not disappoint in that regard,  however it leaves much to be desired in terms of plot progression.

Early on in the episode, we are introduced to the remaining four  Passione members who make up the part’s main ensemble; Narancia Ghirga,  Guido Mista, Pannacotta Fugo, and Leone Abbacchio. In this scene, the  gang members are all out getting dinner and Fugo is tutoring Narancia in  math. The group then gets into a fight, with Fugo and Narancia arguing  over not getting a multiplication problem right and Mista being upset  that the cake the group ordered came in slices of four. The tension  quickly drops as soon as Giorno introduces himself to the group.

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To mess with Giorno, Abbacchio urinates into a teapot and serves it  to Giorno, expecting him to drink it. However, Giorno catches onto his  trick and uses Gold Experience to turn his tooth into a jellyfish  that’ll absorb the urine before he can drink it. Even if “most intense  urine drinking scene in anime” isn’t the most prestigious award to give a  show, this is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure we’re talking about. The  series is absolutely notorious for making its characters do weird stuff  like this and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Afterwards, Giorno tells  the gang that he has a stand, but won’t go into the specifics until  everyone else shares what their stands are.

The main conflict of this episode deals with the aftermath of Polpo’s  death. Two Passione members named Sale and Mario decide to go after his  rumored hidden treasure of 10 billion Italian lire. Only problem is  that they suspect Bruno of knowing about the treasure due to his close  ties with Polpo, so Mario decides to pursue Bruno to prevent him from  reaching Polpo’s fortune first. He decides to strike when Bruno and the  rest of the gang rent a yacht to retrieve the aforementioned fortune in  Capri Island.

While on the boat, Narancia, Mista, and Fugo end up disappearing and  it’s up to Giorno, Bruno, and Abbacchio to find out where they went.  They quickly find out that the missing three are still alive and that  the boat is under attack by an enemy stand user. After Giorno puts  himself at risk to expose the enemy stand, Abbacchio decides to summon  his stand, Moody Blues, before the episode ends.

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Up to this point, Jojo has had a track record of creating some of the most memorable and entertaining supporting casts in all of Shonen, and Vento Aureo is definitely no exception. While the Diamond is Unbreakable  gang is still my favorite, the Passione members are still endearing in  their own right. The two standouts in particular are Narancia and Mista.  While Narancia may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, his  interactions with the other Passione members (especially Fugo) are fun  to watch due to his personality. Mista fills the quota of “Jojo  character with one oddly specific quirk” with his irrational hatred of  the number four. This, on top of his ridiculously jerk-ish behavior,  makes him the funniest character in the part thus far. Although Fugo  didn’t have much of a presence as the other Passione members in this  episode, his interactions with Narancia are incredibly entertaining.

As for Abbacchio, well… let’s just say that he’s about as likeable as  someone who makes a 15-year-old boy drink urine can be. While his  development much later on in the manga makes him a more interesting  character, he is arguably the least likable of everyone in Passione due  to his poor treatment of Giorno for seemingly no reason. That scene  aside, there’s a part later on in the episode where he refuses to help  Giorno until he willingly puts himself in danger. While I don’t hate  Abbacchio and think that he gets much better as the story goes on, I can  definitely see why this scene would leave a bad first impression for  anime-only viewers who don’t have context for his characterization yet.

Characters aside, the episode itself was rather uneventful. Most of  the time was spent getting to know the characters, explaining the rumors  behind Polpo’s fortune, and setting up for the fight against Mario in  the next episode. While none of that is bad by any means, the lack of  action or plot progression until the very end made this a hard episode  to review because there wasn’t much to delve into aside from the  characters. While it’s important to have scenes or episodes dedicated to  down-time so the series doesn’t feel too overwhelming, the episode  doesn’t stand out much compared to the previous four episodes due to how  little there is to talk about, infamous urine drinking scene aside.

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