Students in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps are closer to easing their scheduling concerns.

On Wednesday, the Student Government Association senate unanimously approved a resolution awarding ROTC students priority registration.

Authored by SGA senator and ROTC Battalion S4 Aiden Medellin, the legislation will “absolutely” take stress off ROTC students trying to fit classes into schedules, he said.

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“This new scheduling is just going to make it leagues easier for us to schedule our undergraduate classes, not really have to worry about classes getting stacked on top of each other and missing out on both our undergraduate studies and also learning about the military so that we can become effective commissioned officers in the United States Army,” Medellin said.

The resolution’s approval is one of the first steps in implementing priority scheduling for ROTC students, who, unlike some other students on campus, lose financial support if they have to attend school for longer than four years, according to the resolution.

Previously, SGA President Isaac Mitchell said the executive slate will take the resolution to faculty council where it will be further considered.

“I’m really glad that it’s passed the senate this quickly and I’m hoping the university governance just signs off on it because we’ve done everything that they’ve asked,” Medellin said. “All we need is just for them to sign off on it.”

This resolution’s passing helps satisfy one of executive slate Amplify’s 16 platform points. Amplify told senators about progress on other platform points as well.

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Vice President Matt Hinkleman said he had set up a meeting with Dining Services about another platform point: improving recycling signage on campus.

”If one of those [platform points] are not accomplished,” Mitchell said, “I did a bad job as president.”

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