Pumpkin Pulp prepares for Halloween

Halloween is still a few months away, but one local business, Pumpkin Pulp, has been preparing all year. Brian Blair owns, Pumpkin Pulp, the horror Halloween mask and prop company as well as the haunt, Scarevania, in Muncie.

Him and his team have been busy attending trade shows. Pumpkin Pulp won the Vendor Excellence Award from the Haunted Attraction Association at TransWorld, a trade show for the haunted house industry, this year in St. Louis. 

Pumpkin Pulp also started selling their products in stores throughout the world. Mad About Horror in the U.K. and The Magic Parlour in Salem Massachusetts now carry Pumpkin Pulp products as well as other stores in Florida, Colorado and California. 

”It started out just selling a few masks a year and now it’s grown into this where now we’ve got about 15 stores carry our products all across really the world now. We were in the Uk now we’re in Germany. It’s just it’s fun watching it grow,” said Blair.

Pumpkin Pulp’s products also continue to grow. Blair introduced four new dolls this year to his Forevermore Dolls. The trick or treat dolls include a pumpkin. Witch, skull and devil guy. His dolls won best product at the Halloween Attraction show in New Orleans.

The same time Blair formed Pumpkin Pulp, he also created his haunt, Scarevania, in Muncie. Scarevania opens the first weekend in October.

To prepare, we asked Brian Blair what he’s been doing.

 “Not sleeping is what i’m doing,” he laughed. 

He said he’s excited to build things, start finalizing rooms for the haunt and see everything come together. 

“It’s a fun job. I get to live Halloween everyday of my life and I couldn’t be happier,” said Blair.

Scarevania is located at 1911 N. Granville Avenue in Muncie. For more information you can visit www.scarevania.com.


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