Since opening for Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour and dropping his  first hit song “White Iverson”, Post Malone has blown up in a big way.  He went from clueless young kid in Los Angeles to headlining a sold-out  nationwide tour. On June 6, he blessed the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn  with an incredible and versatile performance. He and Ty Dolla Sign took  the venue by storm.

Image by Baylie Clevenger

The show started with the openers SOB X RBE. Their performance was  not bad, but it failed to get the crowd excited. Ty Dolla Sign, on the  other hand, did a fantastic job. It was easy to tell he loved his music  and loved being on stage to perform it. Even someone who did not know  any of his music, such as myself, would enjoy it.

Malone started his set with “Too Young” from his first album, Stoney. This  song was a great way to set the tone for the rest of the concert. The  crowd was hyped and the energy was incredible. The rest of the show was a  combination of songs from Stoney and his newest album Beerbongs & Bentleys.  The hyped up tone held for the first half of the concert with other  fast paced songs like “Better Now,” “No Option,” and “Over Now.”

While there were many upbeat, high-energy songs like “Takin’ Shots,”  the show was balanced out with his acoustic performance of the more  intimate songs like “Feeling Whitney” and “Stay.” That is what was  unique about this performance. While there were the typical fast-paced  songs, there were also the more meaningful slower ones. When he sang  these songs it felt like the audience knew exactly what he was feeling  when he wrote them. They told a story.

That is what was so special about this performance. What makes a  concert and an artist good is their ability to connect with the audience  and create a fun and upbeat atmosphere but also make it personal enough  that the audience connects.

Image by Baylie Clevenger

The performance was also perfect for the venue. A venue with seating  would not have been right for this concert. The general standing room  made it easy for people to move around, jump, dance and all other forms  of flailing and movement expected at concerts. Seating would have made  it feel rigid and less fun.

The venue, artists, and crowd worked so well together that the energy  was incredible. Even though it was a sold out show, it remained  intimate. The only displeasing aspect of the night was the setlist. I️  was hoping for a couple of my favorites from Beerbongs & Bentleys  that I️ did not get. The slight disappointment with the setlist could  easily be overlooked for the phenomenal performance though.

Featured image from Hot New Hip Hop

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