‘Ocean’s 8’ proves that 8 is better than 11

For those heist movie lovers, this film provides a good twist on a  familiar franchise. Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), leads a pack of women  to pull off a large heist at the annual Met Gala. This film takes a  fresh spin on the original Ocean’s movies that featured George Clooney. Ocean’s Eleven  featured all-males and featured Danny’s love interest, played by Julia  Roberts, as the only female in the casting. Heist-wise, it’s more  complex however not entirely different. Danny attempts to steal cash  from a popular casino in Las Vegas that is run by his arch nemesis,  Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). Although the film features a cast made up  of women, it doesn’t provide that feel that the original movies had.  This movie is still worth the peek and is a good symbol for women in the  film industry today.

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This isn’t the first time this has happened in film history, however. 2016’s Ghostbusters also  took the same path as well by casting an all-female cast. It is  probably likely we will be seeing some more remakes in “female form” if  you will. It’s a time in the film industry where women are beginning to  take over originally-casted male roles. The film did a good job with  this, although it lacked the suspense that came from the original Ocean’s movies.

The casting choices were well-done, featuring Sandra Bullock, Cate  Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helena  Bonham Carter, and even Rihanna. Complete with their own set of skills,  they join forces to steal incredibly expensive jewelry at the Met Gala.  The plot seems rushed and there seems to be no buildup to the heist. We  are introduced to each character briefly and then they attempt the  heist.

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There is plenty of humor throughout the film, although it seems dry and mediocre. The remake of Ghostbusters  also tried to provide more humor during their go around. At times, it  feels as if the director was trying too hard to instill humor into the  characters. Making Rihanna say random phrases to herself was just plain  odd to watch, for example. The characters make the audience feel as if  they are with the cast pulling off this heist. Since this is the first  big female heist film, we as the audience feel more obligated to see  this heist through. There is a sense of likeness among each of the  characters. Each woman having completely different personalities yet  managing to work together in a high-stress situation.   

The heist itself is dull and unoriginal. Stealing jewelry from  exhibits seems to be a running joke in most heist movies. You would  think that this movie would’ve brought something different to the table,  but that’s not the case. The suspense is done well, and the film has  several moments of panic as to what will happen next. There were several  moments I found myself becoming tense due to the stress in the film.  The heist feels exciting despite not being original. Once you have seen  the film, the suspense is gone, and I feel as if it’s a “one-time see”  type of movie. There is little character development even behind  heist-leader, Debbie Ocean. Danny Ocean is only mentioned a handful of  times in the film, which felt weird to me due to his legacy. Overall,  the film lacks originality. Sandra Bullock delivers an excellent  performance as usual, along with the others. It’s nice to see some  actresses, such as Sarah Paulson, out of their element.

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Having a full-female cast was a good choice. Ocean’s 8  proves that yet again, women can do just as good, if not better, at male  roles. It was a fresh perspective on a beloved film series. This movie  is the perfect symbol for how far women have come in film. Having an  all-female cast is unheard of for most films, so “applause” for that.  There still seems to be something missing from this movie. The backstory  of Danny Ocean made the movies worth witnessing. We seem to be thrown  into the plot with little explanation of current events. That is where  this film is weak. I will say tthat the ending had a great resolution.  The audience was able to witness what each character does with their  lives after they complete the heist. I only wish more background was  included towards the beginning of the film.

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