After a sinkhole was found on the the southside of Ball State’s campus, repairs are nearing completion. 

A sinkhole was spotted by a university police officer at the intersection of West Washington Street and North McKinley Avenue in April. It cost approximately over $40,000 to replace.

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“Based on initial review of the site, the cause of the sinkhole was a collapsed existing brick sanitary manhole,”  said Nikki Grigsby, an administrator for the Muncie Sanitary Engineering Department. “Once the sinkhole was initially discovered, the side of the manhole that was collapsed was patched and concrete was poured in the roadway as a temporary repair.”

Grigsby said in an email that costs are approximate as they wait for final invoices. The total costs for both temporary and final repairs made so far are as follows:

  • Labor - $16,900
  • Equipment - $6,400
  • Material - $8,900
  • Subcontractor - $10,500

The manhole was replaced with a precast concrete structure. An asphalt surface restoration is all that remains for the project. 

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Grigsby told The Daily News in April that Bowen Engineering would be repair the sinkhole and the university would not be involved. 

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