Warning: This review may contain spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of My Hero Academia

This week’s episode of My Hero Academia began the next major  arc for the series: the attack on the the League of Villain’s base. The  cliffhanger from the previous episode was finally addressed through a  clear and present debate between the students from Class 1-A. This  conflict between the students shows how far each character has  progressed.

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The episode opens up in Deku’s hospital room with all of his  classmates there. Kirishima and Shoto present Midoriya with the option  of going to rescue Bakugo. However, Iida counters by requesting Midoriya  to leave the rescue to the pro heroes. The show does take quite a bit  of time during this scene to showcase the other students’ opinions on  the matter.

While this might seem time consuming, it was pleasant to see the  students carefully think about the consequences of attempting the  rescue. Ultimately, Kirishima tells Deku that he and Shoto already have a  plan to save Bakugo that night. This urgency from his fellow students  worsens Deku’s situation when he receives news from the doctor.

The episode does a great job at showing the cost that it takes for  Deku to be a hero. Remember how he scarred up his hand during the  tournament arc? Well, the fight with Muscular caused multiple scars and  torn ligaments up Deku’s right arm. According to the doctor, which  becomes questionable with plot holes, Deku can only go full out two or  three more times.

The show then takes a step back by including Deku’s mother. The  concerned mother that she is, she urges Deku to quit the hero course.  This is especially welcome since the show has not shown Deku’s more  normal side of life, such as actual school or home.

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Ultimately, Deku decides to join Shoto and Kirishima to rescue  Bakugo. Surprisingly, Yaoyorozu and Iida decide to tag along with the  group. Yaoyorozu joins because she wanted to make sure that the group  wouldn’t get into any fights in order to save their classmate. Iida,  also sharing the same concern, states that his responsibility as class  representative is to provide a good image for the school. This is the  most dramatic part of the episode because Iida specially calls out Shoto  and Deku for the Hosu incident.

This action Iida takes provides a great contrast for Class 1-A. While  the other students’ internships were rather normal, the show especially  highlights what sets these three peers apart. They have faced shame  before for their fight against Stain, now they have gotten wiser. Iida  and Yaoyorozu made everyone agree that if they had to use their quirks,  they would drop the rescue mission.

The scene is also impressive on an animation level as well. One  second Deku looks childish when he gets nervous, next the entire group  feels like they’ve grown up several moments later. Despite the “grownup”  disguises they get for the mission, the animation feels sharper and  more refined for the series.

Also, the funniest moment is how the show explains why the economy  isn’t broken because of Yaoyorozu’s quirk. When Kirishima asks why she  could just make their disguises, she argues that the economy must  contain a consistent flow of supply and demand. Even though this was a  minor plot hole, I did find it humorous and informative at the same  time.

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The episode then provides a much needed break from the group to focus  on UA through the media. The school finally held a press conference  with the principal, Eraserhead, and Vlad. As expected, the school  apologizes for the camp incident and says that they will increase the  border patrol around the school. The show then demonstrates that people  are no longer content with how many times the heroes have failed  recently.

However, the show introduced a new development that showcased the top  heroes in the world meeting for a brand new mission. Even though this  hasn’t been detailed yet, it is safe to assume that they are going to  try and take on the villain’s hideout as well.

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