First time at the farmers market

The Minnetrista Farmers Market offers various types of food, plants and homemade items to Muncie residents every Saturday morning. However, the market constantly gains new members who have a variety of things to offer. 

Lisa Fights and her daughter Noah began their morning setting up their booth at the Minnitrista Farmers Market Saturday, May 12. Their baking stand is called Sweety Pie and they sell various types of baked goods such as key-lime pie, fruit pizza and muffins. Stephanie Amador, DN

A few years ago a farmer asked Noah Fights, 17, if she would like to “try her hand at cooking.” She began with two pies and now, five years later, Noah and her mom, Lisa, own Sweety Pie Kitchen.

Noah, along with her mother, Lisa, started their summer off at the market Saturday, selling baked goods like key lime pie, fruit pizza and chicken pot pies.  

Sweety Pie provides home-made baked goods; this was their first time vending together at the Minnitristas Farmers Market. 

And while Lisa said the goods were a hit, those recipes weren’t always market-ready. Noah experimented with many different types of recipes over the years. 

She, her mom and her neighbors tasted various types of pies and icing. In fact, since she’s started baking, Lisa said Noah has made 4,000 pies. 

This is the first time Lisa and Noah sold bake goods at the market, and everything was made with love, Lisa said. 

And while the duo are new to the market, they said they felt very welcomed by the other vendors.

Michael Wolfe and Ben Russ, who help run the Ancestral Meat business, were out selling their pork meat and oyster mushrooms during their first Minnetrista market outing.

 Ben Russ and Michael Wolfe run the Ancestral Meat booth at the Minnertrista Farmers Market on Saturday May 12. Ancestral Meat sell pork meat and their role is to keep everything fresh, cruelty-free meat and provide rural recipes and ethnic sausages that are hard to find in stores. Stephanie Amador, DN

The business sells anything pork — fresh pork, spicy chorizo and smoked sausages. The meat is kept inside a cooler in vacuum-sealed packages with various types of herbs.  

Meats are packaged in vacuumed sealed bags to keep them fresh and ready to cook for customers to make. Ancestral Meat has another vendors' booths at the Binford Farmers Market. 

The pair runs Ancestral Meats, a locally owned company that values cruelty-free meat, with two other founders. And once they put a love for food with the value of cruelty-free meat, the food tasted better, Wolfe said.

Ancestral Meats also sells old rural recipes and ethnic sausages at Binford Farmers, another wholesale place in Indianapolis. Wolfe said the things they sell are are hard to find in stores. 

“If it is [found], it’s certainly not good quality,” Wolfe said. 

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