On 223 South Walnut Street a door stands wide open, wood covers the outside and a paper with the words “Trust Your Butcher Steak House” perches on the windowsill. Four men work in the building, one of which is no stranger to businesses in Muncie. 

Ronald Lahody owns Lahody Meats, located on Wheeling Avenue, but in July, he will be expanding his business to the restaurant market. Lahody said what led to the creation of the steakhouse was “stupidity.” 

“It’s something I’ve always had in the back of my mind, and I’ve been looking at this place for three years,” Lahody said. “I finally decided to bite the bullet. Here I am.”

Vicki Veach, executive director for Downtown Muncie, said she was familiar with Lahody’s plans to open the steakhouse, and “people are excited”.  

The steakhouse location in downtown means it is helping the culture of downtown Muncie, Veach said.

“A key ingredient for creating a diverse downtown district is to have major destinations that draw people to downtown for reasons other than employment,” Veach said.

With a saw in the middle of the room, boxes on the floor and the bar covered in nails, the steakhouse isn’t ready quite yet. Lahody estimated the steakhouse is 40 percent complete, as work still needs to be done to lighting, floors, bathrooms, kitchen and eventually, decor. 

“I mean this is a half a million dollar investment in here,” Lahody said. “Everything I have to worry about is buying dishes, buying silverware, buying the tables, all of these things go into it. It’s a big headache to go into, but I like the challenge.”

But for Lahody, work isn’t a problem. 

“I get charged every time I’m in here. I enjoy the challenge of creating something. I enjoy seeing a satisfied customer.” 

Lahody plans to offer a palette of flavors in the steakhouse, something Veach said she hoped would bring people to Muncie.

“Lahody's will offer a unique culinary experience to our downtown community and hopefully attract new people to experience DWNTWN, the original Muncie,” Veach said.

While Lahody has been in the raw meat business for many years, he said his cooking style will set him apart.  

“You know, everyone has their own way of cooking a steak. I think that’s going to be the thing that makes us unique.” 

And while Trust Your Butcher Steakhouse is set to open in July, Lahody decided the only advertising he would do is a poster in the meat market. 

“Hopefully when customers come in here we will be ready to rock and roll,” Lahody said.

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