As a kid, the only summer worry was, ‘What am I going to do today?” But, as a college student there are pesky summer classes, a seemingly dead-end job and ever-present debt. 

However, there is still some excitement to be had. Take a break from crossing something off your ever-growing to-do list and try checking one of these off instead:

Learn something new

I know this one seems counterintuitive, but summer can be a great time to learn something new without the pressure of a full class schedule weighing you down. So join a book club, start learning another language or how to use a map without a voice telling you where to go. 


This one seems like a given — whether it is traveling overseas or taking a totally epic road trip, summer is a great time to feed your wanderlust. Plan carefully before you go so you can cut loose while you’re there.

Become a tourist in your home town

If traveling far is an issue, no worries — you can make any place a vacation. Find what your city is known for and go check it out. If you’ve already done them all, plan a tour based on what you like to do. Whether it’s strolling through the parks or hitting all the local bars, there is adventures to be had right outside your door.

Make a splash

Water and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Choose your favorite type of water, — whether it be an ocean, pool, lake or sprinkler — grab your loved ones and make a day out of it. 

Finally kick those last 5 pounds

Let’s face it, finals are stressful. If you found yourself at the bottom of one too many ice cream tubs, summer can be a great time to get back into a healthy regime. Start eating some of the seasonal fruits and veggies and hit the gym. There are more hours to work out, plus you won’t be weighed down with seven different layers. 

Channel your inner child

Whether it’s going down the curly slide one too many times or watching your favorite cartoon, summer is a great time to step away from the stresses of a semi-adult lifestyle. So, break out your favorite board game or grab your old Junie B. Jones book and leave your worries behind. 

Leave time for laziness

It is totally normal to be a couch potato. Leave time to lay in front of a TV, a hammock or on the beach. The location doesn’t matter so long as you’re doing absolutely nothing. 

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