The Making of Art Mart

As a young art student at Ball State in the 1970's, the only source for art supplies was the Ball State Book Store.


As a young art student at Ball State, the only source for art supplies was the Ball State Book Store. Back in the 1970's when I was purchasing, I remember having to ask at a window for a special paper, tube of paint or paint brush, then waiting while the person I had asked went to retrieve the products. It was kind of like shopping on the Internet for art supplies: as a customer I didn't get to handle the products or see the color before purchasing, only after. At some point during my college career, Dave's Art Supply opened in the village. It was a great place with a great atmosphere and all the cool kids hung out there! I never wanted to leave. 

I worked for the Gordy's for many years while they had the art shop and joked with my good friends Brian and Genny that someday, when they didn't want it any more, I'd buy the business; in 2003, that's exactly what happened. The Gordy's had split their business in half, they wanted to keep the framing business and they wanted me to buy the art supplies.

Today, 15 years later, I am still happy selling art supplies and hanging out with the cool kids!

 Art Mart is truly a family run business with daughter Elizabeth as manager. Her son Liam (whose only 6 but thinks he is the boss) works the counter when he is here during summer break and my husband, Paul, who is ready to retire, will come work with us as well. 

Art Mart is a local art supply shop that works closely with teachers and professors to stock the items our many student artists need. We also work with professional artists and are happy to stock or special order supplies they need. 

Art Mart is open 7 days a week! Come by and see us!

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