Warning: This review may contain spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of My Hero Academia

Compared to the premier of the new season, this episode showed much  more progress for the plot of the series. Throughout this episode, it  felt like there was deep character development cleanly mixed in with a  fantastic action scene.

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While the episode primarily focused on the students arriving at the  summer training camp, the episode did start with the League of Villains.  During this scene, Tomura Shigaraki and Kurogiri are talking with  Giran. Even though the discussion between the characters isn’t explicit,  it left a feeling of suspense for the season ahead.

Following the scene, the rest of the episode only focused on the  students. It does have a rocky start with class 1-A having a pointless  interaction with the students from class 1-B, where Neito Monoma mocks  the higher class for taking the summer course.

The episode quickly picks up the pace when the bus takes a brief stop  at the side of mountain road. The series then pulls on its trademark  for taking something that seems ordinary and quickly creates humorous  chaos. Shoto Aizawa informs that there was a reason for making a stop.

The show then introduces two new pro heroes: part of the Pussycats  team, and a kid named Kota. Pixie-Bob, one of the pros, uses her quirk  to force all the students down a mudslide, pushing them towards the  “Beast Forest.” What follows is the students having to race towards the  camp through this area before lunch.

This show has been improving by not explicitly explaining new quirks  that show up. While the show does imply that the monsters the group face  in the forest are controlled by Pixie-Bob, it doesn’t say it outright.  Through this style, the viewer is more surprised by the new unique  quirks.

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The end of the episode wraps up with class 1-A going to the hot  springs to relax for the day. While this scene originally appears to be  another ridiculous moment of Mineta trying to sneak a peek at the girls,  the episode quickly unfolds into a deeper focus. This focus lands on  Kota, the other new character for the series.

Kota is mentioned by Deku to Mandalay, the other member of the  Pussycats. Kota provides a fresh perspective in the series because of  his genuine distaste in heroes, which was caused by his parents dying in  this line of work.

In terms of visuals, the episode overall did a fantastic job  illustrating the fight scene in the forest by clearly showing the  teamwork of each student. Besides that, there were no apparent flaws or  remarkable animation techniques.

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