Student Government Association (SGA) voted to add a green council to the senate Wednesday.

The green council would bring together environmentally-focused student organizations to collaborate on improving campus sustainability, said senator Kaleb Chowning.

“The goal here is to create a council that is comprised of students, that way their voices, concerns and their desires as far as initiatives, can be heard,” Chowning said. 

Chowning said the council would mirror Ball State’s Council on the Environment (COTE). 

While COTE currently has two student representatives, Chowning said he wants the green council to better represent students by utilizing representatives from a variety of organizations. 

SGA’s council would consist of representatives from student organizations such as Partnership for Student Sustainable Advancement and Emerging Green Builders, Chowning said. He said overall eight organizations have expressed interest in joining the council.

SGA’s constitution was amended to include a green council as a part of the duties of the community and environmental affairs committee.

In addition to the green council, the 2018-19 executive slate Amplify presented its proposed budget for next year. Some of the budget includes spending for wages, senate and platform points.

“Many of our platform points cost don’t require too much cost,” said Jalen Jones, the slate’s treasurer. “It is a matter of us sitting down with administration and getting things done.”

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Some of the proposed platform point costs include:

  • Prioritizing student safety: $3,500
  • Advocate for Inclusivity: $2,000
  • Green initiatives: $1,500
  • Transportation: $2,500
  • Service: $500

During elections, Amplify spent $669.39 said Abigail Gibbs, elections board chair. Amplify could have spent up to $2,000. 

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