United we fan

The internet has provided means for fans from all realms to share, participate, and form friendships across the globe.

John Miller, a 24-year-old college junior, spends his days studying software engineering at the Idaho campus of Brigham Young University. He is involved with the Mormon church, is passionate about drawing, and loves Nintendo—so much so, that he hopes to one day be a game designer.

He takes on many identities: student, Mormon, artist, and gamer. But John also calls himself a furry.

Furries, explains John, are individuals who have an interest with anthropomorphic animals, or creatures who have some human-like traits. Most furries also adopt a “fursona,” which is an animal alter-ego used to represent oneself in the furry community. (John’s fursona is a gray and white timber wolf named Dart.)

While many furries spend time together at meetups or conventions, a majority of the interactions between the fans happen online.

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