Rainy week to come

Tonight: Temperatures will be sitting right above freezing with breezy conditions. Overnight, winds will begin to decrease.

Tomorrow: To start off the weekend, rain chances increase as Saturday progresses. Temperatures will remain right around freezing at 9AM with cloudy conditions. Around 5PM, we will start to see rain and potentially wintry precipitation move into the area. As rain leaves our area, Sunday will bring mostly sunny skies with a high near 49ยบ.

7-Day Forecast: Looking towards the beginning of next week, wet conditions will prevail. Break out the rain boots as an increase in large amounts of rainfall in the span of a few days can lead to potential flooding. As rain chances and temperatures increase so will the humidity! Thursday looks to be our driest day of all, but Friday brings rain chances back into play.

-- Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke

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