Lawsuit accuses MCS superintendent of sexual, racial harassment

<p>DN Photo, Max Lewis</p>

DN Photo, Max Lewis

Editor's note: Some of the language in this article may be offensive to readers. 

A lawsuit was filed in federal court Friday against Muncie Community Schools (MCS) and the school board, accusing superintendent Steven Baule of "inappropriate, severely offensive and intimidating" conduct. 

The suit, filed by former MCS Director of Human Resources Kathy Ray, lists several instances where Baule made sexual and racial remarks. 

During an interview, Ray said Baule asked her what she saw in her boyfriend, and Baule said "he must be really hung." Baule also informed colleagues at a meeting that he had "big hands as an insinuation to the size of his penis," according to the lawsuit. 

Baule also allegedly talked about a former MCS employee "banging her fifth guy" and said "it must sing" in reference to her genitalia. The suit also alleges that Baule "continually" used the phrase "mental masturbation" while in the workplace.

Ray additionally alleges several instances of "racial harassment." One instance detailed in the lawsuit refers to a "joke" Baule made: "a black guy and a Hispanic guy could never marry because their kids would be too lazy to steal."

In one meeting, Baule also allegedly said an African-American employee was the "poster child of colored people," according to the suit. 

Ray claims Baule made other comments about Muncie Teacher's Association President Pat Kennedy when he said, "I will dance on Pat Kennedy's grave, and I will dig her grave with her skull," the lawsuit states. 

Ray also alleges that Baule said "retarded kids' ears are below their eyes."

Ray adds in the lawsuit that she received several complaints from employees about Baule's behavior and informed MCS's legal team. A local attorney was appointed to investigate Baule's conduct, and when Baule found out, his conduct began to "intesify" because he believed Ray was the source of the complaint. 

According to the lawsuit, Baule attempted to "intimidate" Ray, saying, "I have people who will take care of people." Baule also "insinuated" he had connections to the Chicago Mafia, according to the lawsuit. 

Ray is seeking compensation for damages.

Kennedy says Baule's comments don't surprise her and said she was shocked when The Daily News informed her of the lawsuit. 

"I guess I don't know what to say," Kennedy said. "That's the way he has always treated me — with great disrespect."

Kennedy also said the school board needed to "do its job" in regards to Baule's employment with the school corporation.  

"He is their employee, and they have known about these things for quite some time," Kennedy said. 

MCS board president Debbie Feick said in a statement that the school corporation denies the allegations in Ray's complaint and will proceed with defending against the lawsuit

"MCS is committed to maintaining an education and work environment that is free from all forms of unlawful harassment. The School Board has implemented formal and informal processes for persons who believe that they have been subjected to unlawful harassment," Feick said in the statement. "When the allegations asserted in Ms. Ray’s Complaint were brought to the attention of the MCS School Board, they were promptly investigated and found to be unsubstantiated."

The Daily News reached out to Ray's attorney as well as Muncie Community Schools and is awaiting comment. 

This story will be updated. 

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