Back in February, Byte put out a review for Bossa Studio’s (Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread) alpha build of Desksplash, a game who’s “concept lies somewhere between Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s graffiti mode and Splatoon.” According to Bossa Studios, unless Decksplash gets some serious play, the game isn’t leaving it’s alpha stage. Ever.

Decksplash enters a free-to-play week starting today, and needs at least 100,000 players to convince the folks at Bossa to keep working on the game and not scrap it completely. For Decksplash, it is literally skate or die.

This all-or-nothing attitude is an interesting strategy for game releases, considering if the game is cancelled there’s no chance of any money returning to the developers. Conversely it was released and did poorly, they’d still make some money back.

It’s certainly a bold move, and doubling down on bold marketing strategies have had iffy results for games. Wolfenstein’s anti-Nazi campaign worked, where Call of Duty’s dab did not.

Whatever loot and levels are grinded out during the free weekend will carry over to the full game, if it’s released. If you’re interested in checking this game out, you can go to Steam to get the game for free.

Sources: PC Gamer, Byte, Twitter, Steam

Image: Entertainment Buddha