Fire up the Grylls: Ball State Halloween costumes

Ideas from last year

Charlie Cardinal

Wear red and make a beak out of a toilet paper roll and yellow paint/highlighter.

Football coach Mike Neu

Toss a pair of headphones on over a Ball State cap.


Make a toga out of bedsheets and make wings out of cardboard.

Bonus points if you stand behind couples and flap the wings when they kiss.

Frog Baby

Follow the tradition by letting a friend pick out the outfit.

Shuttle bus driver

Make a steering wheel from a paper plate to salute the unsung heroes of Fall and Winter.

Bonus points if you can get people to follow you around the party and get in/out of line whenever you stop.

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Halloween costumes are the worst.

It’s hard enough coming up with a good idea, then once you do, the costume requires too much money or work.

Then when you finally find the right costume that won’t be too difficult, your friend sends a Snap of their already-completed version of what you were going to wear.

That’s why I normally just give up and toss on my cowboy hat and boots.

But most people aren’t as impatient as I am.

For those who want to put some effort into a unique costume that everyone at the party will get, here’s a list of easy-to-do Ball State ideas:

Scheumann Stadium-themed party (not a costume but still)

Invite everyone you know, but then decide the pregame is too lit and just stay there instead.

Garfield (creator Jim Davis is a Ball State alumnus)

Wear a long-sleeved orange shirt, make stripes with some black construction paper and act like an asshole.

Bonus points if you bring lasagna to a party.

Orientation leader

Wear a red polo shirt and find out a bunch of random facts about people at a party.

Once you’ve learned enough, start leading tours through the party, stopping to share information when you pass the people you just talked to.


Wear a sweatshirt or letterman’s jacket from your high school and talk about how you could’ve gone to IU or Purdue but “know too many people who go there.”

Bonus points if you drink Skol and pretend to like it.

Muncie clowns

Tell everyone you’re going to dress up like a clown but then don’t actually do it.

Parking services

Walk around the party and watch for people who set their drink down. The second they turn around, snatch the drink.

Bonus points if you give the drink back and say, “This was your Oops voucher.”

David Letterman (when he was on TV)

Wear a suit and a fake gap tooth.

David Letterman (now)

Just dress like skinny Santa Claus.

Greek’s Pizza

Wear a yellow T-shirt and use red construction paper and tape to make cutouts of your favorite toppings.

Bonus points if you wear this next to the pizza stand in The Village.

Papa John’s pizza

The exact same thing as Greek’s but use cheaper materials.

Bob Ross (“The Joy of Painting” was produced in Muncie)

Wear a light blue dress shirt and a fake afro while carrying some paint brushes and constantly smiling.

Bonus points if you replace the paint brushes with a live squirrel.

Extra bonus points if you kiss a deer.

Nerf Commando

Never mind, this one won't end well.


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