Since 2006, developers have been able to publish their games on Xbox consoles through the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. Between 2006 and 2013 (when the development tool was retired), over 3,300 games have been published, from the Minecraft-esque Fortresscraft to Avatar Golf, the most popular in the lineup of games using the player’s avatar as a playable character.

Though the service is ending tomorrow, players who had bought games previously (and still have a working Xbox 360) will still be able to play and download the games.

Microsoft has since transitioned to the “ID@XBOX” program, which Microsoft says is a more formal and managed approach to publishing independent games exclusive to the Xbox One or Windows 10.

With the Xbox One X debuting in November, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft will give out development kits capable of 4k and an increased frame rate, like the X is sporting.

Source: Polygon, Xbox

Image: True Achievements