MUNCIE, Ind.-  Ball State alumnus Peter Carr is riding across America.  His nearly 3,500-mile ride is to raise awareness for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain cancer.   

GBM is an aggressive form of a brain tumor where the tumor cells produce rapidly and are supported by a network of blood vessels. There is no cure.    

"My Mom, Jenny Carr, is one of the main reasons I am biking across America," Carr said. 

Keep up with Carr on the Facebook page dedicated to his journey.

Carr lost his mother to GBM on Feb. 25, 2017.  He always had the idea of riding cross country.  After she died, he felt the time was right to do it. 

His journey began in Bar Harbor, Maine on Aug. 12.  Currently he is making his way to the Midwest and hopes to be in Indianapolis by Sept. 16. The final destination is Los Angeles sometime before Thanksgiving. The past couple of days he has traveled nearly 100 miles.  He said the reason for this is because the weather has been so nice.  He usually tries to ride 50 to 70 miles a day.   

There have been a few setbacks on the trip. 

"I've had three flat tires, a chain break and I've wrecked the bike once.   

 Carr said he expected these things to happen and has just pushed through.  

"My dad would say it's not plan A, it's plan B."  

Even though things do not always go as planned, Carr still looks at this whole experience as a blessing.  He says this ride has already given him a new perspective on life.  He is taking a chance to do something with the time we are given on this earth. 

"Time is finite.  If you want to do something do it." 

He is following his mom’s example.  She and her husband still traveled while she was going through treatment.  Carr said that was just who she was.  During this ride, he hopes to not only spread awareness of GBM but to inspire people to do the things they never thought they would get to do.           

Carr has a website and Facebook page dedicated to his journey. tells the story of why Carr is on his journey, an overview of GBM, and a way to donate for further research.  To keep up with Carr and see photos of his journey use the Facebook page.