Ball State is currently under investigation by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for it’s alleged mishandling of a sexual assault case this past spring.

The unlawful discrimination complaint was filed by a Ball State student last May and The Department of Education formally launched an investigation into the university in July. 

According to a federal lawsuit filed by the student, the investigation also focuses on Michael Gillilan, Director of Students Rights and Community Standards. 

University spokesperson Marc Ransford acknowledged the investigation and said “we are fully cooperating with OCR as we would with any complaint we receive.”

The Daily News reached out to Gillilan and was directed to the university's public statement. 

The complaint alleges the university discriminated against the student on the basis of sex and disability. 

According to court documents obtained by the Daily News, the student says the assailant held him down with a knife and proceeded to pleasure himself.

The student alleges the university and Gillilan engaged in "unlawful and discriminatory behavior" during the initial investigation. 

Title IX is a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at federally funded educational institutions. According to the Chronicles of Higher Education, a site that tracks Title IX cases, this is Ball State’s only active Title IX investigation. 

Of Indiana's current 18 Title IX investigations, only two have been resolved so far.

It is unknown how long the case at Ball State will take to complete. 

This story will be updated.