With the high number of sexual assaults happening among college students, there are those who wish to help. Capptivation has created an app called Reach Out Editions to do just that.

Reach Out Editions is an app that is designed for college and universities to focus on campus sexual misconduct by connecting members of their communities who are in need to resources, such as rape crisis centers, helplines, legal aid services, medical care providers, counseling services and emergency responders, according to itunes.apple.com. Some schools can also focus on areas such as academic support, substance abuse, depression, disabilities and identity issues through the app.

Jack Zandi, one of the creators and a partner at Capptivation, said their goal was to make the process easier for sexual assault survivors.

“We felt inconveniences building up when we were searching for information,” Zandi said. “These inconveniences are the last thing that a survivor of sexual assault wants to go through. It discourages reporting the event for some. We want to eliminate the inconvenience and streamline the process for them.”

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Zandi and his partners developed the app when they discovered that finding the necessary information on college websites was difficult. The information was often buried and wasn’t organized in an easy-to-use way, he said. It was an inconvenient hassle at a trying time in someone’s life.

“We want to help survivors help themselves, and help friends of survivors help each other more easily,” Zandi said. “The app can’t solve the epidemic, but it can remove a huge inconvenience in looking for crucial information.”

Capptivation works with each school the app provides services for. An administrator has the ability to edit the app in real time to ensure that the information is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Step In. Speak Up. president Corrine Lankowicz said Reach Out Editions contains all of the resource information that the Step In. Speak Up. has, but also has that information for other campuses.

“I think for Ball State students the Step In. Speak Up. app is great,” Lankowicz said. “But say I visited a different university or another student visited Ball State — those students would benefit from the Reach Out Editions app because they would have information for a lot of universities at their fingertips.”

The app is free to download on all mobile devices.