Last week, BioWare released the first part of its gameplay video series for Mass Effect: Andromeda. That video covered the game’s weapons and abilities. The second video in the series has now been released, this time featuring an in-depth look at the game’s character profile system, favorites menu, and squad combat. You can watch the video below:

The first part of the video introduces the new character profile mechanic, which allows players to unlock passive bonuses that enhance their skills in a certain area. For instance, investing in Biotic skills will allow you to unlock the Adept profile, which will provide a boost to a number of Biotic skills. There are a total of seven different types of profiles to choose from, ranging from specialized ones to more hybridized ones. For example, the Explorer profile enhances both Tech and Biotic skills. Additionally, players will be able to swap them on the fly using the game’s Favorites Menu.

The Favorites Menu allows players to choose up to four different saved presets, which consist of a Profile and three abilities. This will give players the opportunity to change up their strategy on the fly in order to choose the best tactics in a given fight.

Finally, the video covers the squad combat tactics that players will be able to employ in the game. The various squadmates in the game can fill various roles, such as support or tank, and players will be able to choose their squadmates’ skills and abilities in order to determine what role they will fill. However, squad combat doesn’t end there. Players will be able to issue commands to their squadmates during combat, and even set up combos with their squadmates in order to deal massive damage to enemies.

Mass Effrect: Andromeda hits store shelves on March 21, 2017. It will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.