National Popcorn Day is celebrated on Jan. 19 to promote healthy snacking. In spirit of the holiday, here are some local places to find popcorn.

1. Concannon's

The bakery has its own line of specialty popcorn. The flavors range from cheddar cheese to hot cinnamon to green apple, and all of the popcorn is made in shop.

Most popular popcorn flavors:






Sea Salt

2. AMC Theatre

What better way to celebrate national popcorn day than with a classic? Go out, see a movie and eat a big bucket of buttery popcorn.

3. Marsh and other supermarkets

All grocery stores sell many types of popcorn, whether it's microwave, JiffyPop or kernels you can make on the stove or in an air popper. You can even choose your own seasonings to add a special twist. You may also be able to find microwavable popcorn in on-campus dining halls. 

4. Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply stores actually make popcorn in store that you can buy right at the entrance. It’s a fun experience and you can shop around a little bit while you're at it.