December is finally here, and if you take a look at the 7 day forecast, it says just that. Temperatures have started to drop into the lower 40s and that trend will continue over the next few days. We will remain dry until Sunday as there will be a chance of PM showers. The low on Sunday is 33, so it is possible that their could be some freezing rain or some snow flurries associated with that rain if the temperature gets a little lower. Take safety precautions as necessary. As we look further into next week, the high on Thursday is sitting at 29 right now and 28 for Friday. So as next week progresses the temperatures could continue to drop even more. So make sure as you go through your routine for the day that you have a decent sized weather coat. The temperatures are getting cold and it's time to start bundling up. For more up to date information make sure to follow us on Twitter @WCRDWX.