Ball State junior William Walker will not be taking a spot on the Muncie Community School Board.

“It's tough to accept,” Walker said. “It was a long and hard campaign, but I know I did the best I could and we created a lot of good dialogue. I’m disappointed, but always hopeful.”

Walker, a political science major, said he was running to improve the schools he grew up attending. While he did not win, he said the experience was very humbling.

“To see my name a couple pages after the presidential option was pretty surreal,” Walker said.

The school board will now see two new faces along with one returning member. The three seats where filled by Jason Donati, Debbie Feick and Stephen Edwards. 

Six candidates ran for the three open positions. Even though Walker will not be able to help in the way he intended, he still plans to support what he believes in.

“I still plan to keep pushing for what I know is right,” Walker said. “I am confident that two of the three [candidates] elected are very capable of doing a great job and will push for the same thing I will. I plan to be a voice from the community.”

Walker said he hopes the board can “push” to put “our students” first. He also said he hopes they can create the “transparency this community deserves."

Walker said he is unsure of what the future holds for him. He plans to either move to Washington, D.C. to gain experience on the hill or stay here in Muncie and find an office to run for.

“No matter where I am, I will always fight for what is right and defend the rights of all people,” Walker said.