Muncie man shot dead in attempted apartment invasion



The body found in the front yard of 1517 East Washington St. has now been identified as Scott Gilliam, a 26-year-old Muncie resident. 

Gilliam died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to an autopsy conducted at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Muncie police Sgt. Mike Engle confirmed that Gilliam, along with one other suspect, was trying to stage an armed invasion of the eastside apartment when the shots were fired. 

"A couple of guys went over and attempted to make entry into the house and kick in the door, and the homeowner inside fired two shots through the door," Engle said. "They were running off the porch, and one of them got hit in the head."

The occupant of the apartment, Cornell Lamont Strong II, 27, had a surveillance system set up and was able to see the two trying to gain entry. 

The Delaware County prosecutor office may be pressing charges against Strong in connection to the shooting, Engles said. 

Strong was arrested though after MPD found a pound of marijuana in his apartment. Strong currently faces preliminary charges of dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance.  

"He was dealing from the house," Engles said. "He was arrested on drug charges. Now, he just faces possible charges from the prosecutor's office against him.”

He was held in the Delaware County Jail the night of Sept. 21 under a bond of $11,000, according to the Star Press.

Because the other suspect in the attempted robbery has not been identified, the case is still active. 

"The other person has fled the scene, and we are still looking for him," Engles said. 

There are no police reports available at this time. 


The Muncie Police Department investigated a fatal shooting that took place the morning of Sept. 21 in the 1500 block of East Washington Street.

The Star Press reported that Muncie police Sgt. Mike Engle said a call of “shots fired” was reported around 3 a.m. in the area. Police responded with a search, but nothing was found at that time.

Earlier that morning, another call was made to police reporting a body in the front yard of 1517 East Washington St.

Engle told the Star Press a male was found killed from the shooting that happened near the sidewalk of the home.

Delaware County coroner’s officer personnel were at the scene, according to the Star Press.

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