LSU executive board announces new name, Latinx Student Union


In the interest of being an inclusive organization, the Latino Student Union will now operate under a new name.

In an email sent out Sept. 12, the organization announced that LSU will now stand for the Latinx Student Union.

Latinx (pronounced La-teen-ex) is the gender-neutral form of Latino, according to the press release. Latinx includes men, women, nonbinary persons and gender nonconforming people without the assumption of masculinity.

The press release states that Latinx “openly states that people of all gender identities are welcome into our spaces. This change will foster an intentional environment of inclusion for our members while validating the spectrum of identities throughout our campus.”

The organization is anticipating that "many of you will have questions during this period of change, and we encourage you to direct those questions to the Latinx Student Union Executive Board.”


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