Sept. 16, marks the beginning of Family Weekend at Ball State, where students and their families can enjoy activities hosted by the university and spend time with each other.

Jancyn Hill, a junior at Ball State, has been celebrating family weekend with her family ever since freshman year.

Three generations of her immediate family went to Ball State, and many of her extended family members attend and teach there.

“My grandpa, Paul D. Hill, graduated in 1948 with a degree in English,” she said, “My dad, David Hill, graduated in 1985 with a double degree in political science and business, and I am scheduled to graduate in 2018 with a degree in special education.”

Hill’s grandfather’s sister married into the Clevenger family, which is the namesake of Brayton/Clevenger hall located in Lafollette.

Ever since Hill was little, her dad talked about Ball State, and pushed her to consider his school. She wasn’t interested in attending Ball State at first but decided to send in her deposit fee on a whim, and she’s been here for three years now.

“My dad and I are big football fans, so we always tailgate together with my sorority on family weekend,” she said. “It is probably his favorite thing about me attending here. I think it gives him a sense of nostalgia.”

David Hill loves to make memories on family weekend with his daughter, and he loves that they both have had similar experiences.

“It’s fun to go back to your alma mater,” he said. “I lived in Shales Hall. In Jancyn’s first year, she lived in Woody, and she lived one floor directly above [where I lived], and I walked in and said, ‘You know what? This place hasn’t changed.’”

David said that he and the rest of the Hill family look forward to Family Weekend every year.

“You make new friends, and you see old friends, and it’s a very enjoyable time,” he said.

Family Weekend activities start Sept. 16 and end Sept. 18. There are many activities that are free for all families on campus.