Hidden gems of campus

Gum Tree, one of Ball State's well-known landmarks, sits east of Pruis Hall.
Gum Tree, one of Ball State's well-known landmarks, sits east of Pruis Hall.

There are some unique to Ball State spots every student should know about. Here are some of the hidden gems located throughout campus.

Gum Tree

The colorful, located behind Whitinger Business Building and near Noyer Complex is relatively small, the trunk covered in pieces of already chewed gum. It’s tradition and a rite of passage at Ball State to add your own piece of gum to the Gum Tree.

Whisper Wall

Also located near Whitinger, the Whisper Wall is an area, in which people can stand at either end and whisper, the whispers echo and can be heard on the other end.

Cow Path

Cow Path is students’ favorite shortcut. The path runs from behind Lafollette Complex, Robert Bell, Letterman Building, Art and Journalism Building and stops where it meets Riverside ave, across from the Fine Arts Building and Cooper Science Building.

Wood Bridge

There is a, nearly hidden, bridge constructed over the small creek behind the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreational Center. It’s is somewhat secluded by trees and a great place to go for some alone time or to read a book.

Duck Pond

Located across from the Johnson halls, and recently renovated to include two ponds, it’s a common hangout for fish, ducks, geese and students.

Christy Woods

Located near Cooper Science on Riverside Ave, Christy Woods is a small wooded area with greenhouses. Students generally go there for field studies for science and biology classes, but anyone is welcome to go explore or to take a self-guided tour.


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