The DN's school supply and dorm room checklist

Coming to college can be a transition, and many incoming students have no idea what they need or should bring. Have no fear! Here's a list of all the things you didn't know you needed.

School Supplies

Stapler- some professors will bring one to class, and they are available in Bracken if you print off a paper there, but having your own will ensure that your papers are together.

Extra folders- bring one or two more than you think you will need to store papers for organzations, campus info, etc

Good backpack- it’ll go with you everywhere. Having a sturdy, durable backpack that is comfortable on your shoulders is an essential. Many times, you don't have an opportunity to go back to your dorm between classes so you may end up packing it full of all the things you'll need for the day. 

Batteries- whether it’s for your calculator, camera, or anything else, batteries are always a good thing to have on hand.

Planner- A planner will help you keep track of deadlines, meetings, plans with friends, classes and life in general. Check out, or they are available in most stores.

Highlighters- these can help with taking and organizing notes, as well as studying for midterms and finals

Pencil sharpener- these aren’t kept anywhere on campus, so keeping one in your dorm or backpack is a great idea. 

Index cards- you’ll definitely need these for the core curriculum speech class (COMM 210) but they are also super helpful to use as a study aid. 

Dorm Room 

Bath Caddy- carrying a toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution and face wash becomes much easier in a light, portable basket. You can also put shower supplies in it so you aren't carrying bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash 

Toothbrush case- Since bathroom supplies aren’t kept in the bathroom like at home, having a sanitary case to transport your toothbrush is essential. 

Rug- the tile floors in the dorms get really cold, so having a rug eliminates the need to be constantly wearing shoes or socks.

Shower shoes- When you're sharing showers with anywhere from four to 60 people the floors can get a little questionable, even if they are cleaned regularly. A cheap pair of flip flops will do the trick, and will help you not slip on the slick flooring too.

Plates/bowls/silverware- a lot of times you'll grab a can of ravioli from the dorms and eat in your room, so you'll need at least a few dining supplies for those times.

Dishwashing liquid- Since you'll be washing your own dishes, you'll want to bring along dish soap as well. 

Can opener- sometimes can goods have a pull tab, but sometimes they don't. Don't get stuck spending a ton of time trying to open it with scissors and various other objects you think might work. Can openers are small, easy to store and will come in handy when you need them.

Power strip- the ratio of things you'll need to plug in to available outlets doesn't always work in your favor. Having a power strip handy will ensure you're able to plug in all you essentials where and when you need them.

Paper towels- these can be used as napkins, to cover food in the microwave, or to clean the surfaces in your room that get dirty and dusty.

Closet organizers- these hang in your closet and will give you a place to put shoes and other personal items neatly inside your closet.

Laundry hamper- a laundry hamper that is easily transported is key, especially when you have to lug all your dirty clothes to the nearest laundry room. 

Hangers- you will most likely have a dresser in your dorm, but to utilize all the space, you'll want to bring hangers for all your clothes. Bring a few extra, too. You'll want to account for any extra clothes you buy while you're here and in case any of your hangers break.

Portable phone charger- especially if you have a hectic schedule, you may not always get the opportunity to go back to your dorm room and charge your phone. A portable charger might save your (phone's) life.

Umbrella- it rains in Muncie frequently, and being caught in the rain without an umbrella is never fun. This is also something that is worth the money to invest in a good one.

Rain boots- when it rains, giant puddles form on campus. Rain boots will ensure that you won’t be sitting through a lecture with wet socks.

At least one nice outfit- whether it's for a job interview, giving a speech in COMM210, or an important meeting, nice clothes aren't an item you want to overlook while packing up your closet. 


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