Human violence expressed through dance


Dance majors paired up with sociology and theatre majors to research the effects of cultural beauty standards and the link to human violence.

Dancing Towards Change is the immersive learning project that showcases the harm done to the human body. The research that the students came up with was expressed through spoken word and dance.

For sophomore Josie Meiss, this was a different type of dance for her.

“It was a very new process for me because I had little experience with choreographing dance.” Meiss said. “That was basically what we were doing as we were creating this dances based off the research we were doing—it was a challenging new experience.”

For artistic director Audra Sokol, the goal of the four-day series is to get people to start thinking differently.

“I just hope that the show got people to at least question the importance of how short time we have on Earth.” Sokol said.

Dancing Towards Change was the finale of the MainStage Series.


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