Sunshine and Warmer Temperatures into Next Week

Newslink Indiana Weather - 04/14/16


As high pressure builds in the area, skies are going to be clear and temperatures are going to be moderate. Expect warmer days throughout the week and cooler nights, which is typical while an area is influenced by high pressure. This is due to a lack of clouds, which block some of the sun’s rays from coming in during the day and re-emitting radiant energy put out by the earth due to the daytime heating back to the surface at night. Thanks to a northerly shift in the jet stream and a large ridge forming over our area, warm, southern air is moving into our area and high temperatures will get progressively higher as we approach Sunday. A few clouds will return to the forecast on Monday, but we will still see plenty of sunshine for the first half of next week. Thursday night is the next chance for some precipitation as we track a low pressure system predicted to move in from the west. The best chance for rain is Friday and Saturday of next week. For more weather updates, make sure to follow us on Twitter @NLIWeather.