University alerts students of subject with gun near campus


The subject with the gun is in custody, and Muncie Police Department is handling the investigation, said Joan Todd, university spokesperson. 

MPD Sgt. Ryan Trissel said the incident had nothing to do with campus. A couple was jogging along Tillotson Avenue, and the subject got close to the car, which led to a disagreement, Trissel said. The driver pulled out the gun and pointed it at the couple. 

He said he did not know why the university chose to send out the alert, but Todd said the calls, emails and texts from the university were just informational.

No students were hurt or involved in the incident, Trissel said. 


A subject with a gun was seen near campus around Tillotson Avenue and McGalliard Road, according to a public safety alert from the university. 

Police reports indicated that a man in a red vehicle pointed a firearm at a pedestrian during some kind of altercation. The pedestrian told police it began when he was almost hit by the car. 

There was a baseball game over in the area, and university and Muncie police responded quickly. 

Reports indicated that officers were talking to a person identified as the possible driver of the car. 

Around 5:45 p.m., Muncie police said they were still on the call and didn't have any details they were able to release at the time. 

This story will be updated.


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