MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- At approximately 6:00 Thursday evening, a shooting occurred at the intersection of Kirby Avenue and Ebright Street.

An eyewitness to the shooting said a group of individuals was harassing one male at a gas station on Main Street before following him back to his neighborhood on Kirby. He was on foot. The group was in a car. When they got to the neighborhood, an argument ensued. The eyewitness told NewsLink Indiana that the individual’s “grandma had passed away and that today was not the day.”

The witness continued, saying someone in the car revealed a gun. Then, the individual drew his gun and fired into the car, killing one person.

The suspect, identified by his cousins as Rufus Thomas Wallace, then was driven to the police station downtown by his cousin, Marcus Vance, where he turned himself in.

Vance described Wallace as “hysterical” when he took him to the police. He said Wallace’s grandmother passed away on Thursday before the incident happened. He also had another grandmother in a coma and an aunt in the hospital.

Residents of the area say shootings are not common there. In fact, the residents of Kirby Avenue are mostly family members. Barnell Vance, 44, another one of the suspect’s cousins, has lived in this part of town for about 20 years. He called it a “family” neighborhood and said these kinds of incidents never happen in the area.

The eyewitness, Tonya Neely, told NewsLink Indiana this is a day that she will remember for the rest of her life.