Snow showers return in your forecast

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MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) We saw a high today of 33 degrees however we did see sunny and clear conditions for most part of the day for your Wednesday! Conditions over night will begin to fall as we are seeing another snow maker come into the state of Indiana. Snow showers are likely around the area by around 2:00 am Thursday morning and lasting through mid-day. Accumulations roughly will be around 1 to 2 inches of wet slushy snow. By mid to late afternoon temperatures will be forecast to be above the freezing mark so I expect a change to a rain snow mix by late in the afternoon. Highs tomorrow will be around 36. Friday looks clear and temperatures will be cool around 34 degrees. Saturday we will be seeing a small clipper coming in bringing in rain showers for your Saturday morning however high pressure will be coming in Saturday night and Sunday with temperatures in the upper 40s by Sunday. For the beginning of Spring Break we will be seeing very warm temperatures to start out the week, while rain showers may be evident by late Tuesday into Wednesday with highs in the mid 60s. Make sure you give us a follow on twitter @NLIWeather for all your updates. 


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